Low Country Invitational Team Trail


        The Low Country Invitational Team Trail was founded to bring together fishermen from the low country area.  Membership in the trail is by invitation only.  Each team will be requested to submit a membership application along with membership dues of $120.00 per team and $440.00 for tournament entry fees.  Each application must be approved by the Low Country Invitational Board.  Any application not accepted by the Board will be returned to applicant with the dues and fees they submitted.


          The membership is limited to a number of two person teams considered manageable by the LCITT Board of Directors.  The trail consists of 4 qualifying tournaments, 2 on rivers and 2 on lakes.  We utilize a point system that gives each team 50 points for each tournament.  We then add 100 points to the winner and 1 less point to each place fishing the tournament.  Therefore, 1st place receives 150, 2nd place 149, and so on.    A team that doesn’t fish the tournament receives 50 points.  After the 4 qualifying tournaments, the top 50 percent of the field (based on points accumulated) qualifies to fish in a fifth tournament (2 days – Friday and Saturday).  This tournament is known as the Low Country Invitational Team Trail Classic.  The site for the Classic is determined by the LCITT, and is announced prior to the first qualifying tournament.


          There is an off-limits period before each tournament.  Rules are strictly enforced and polygraph tests are given to winner and random non-winners.


          The Low Country Invitational Team Trail is qualified as a non-profit organization and our tournament payback is 100%.