Thompkins and Barfield Win at Wateree
Carlton Thompkins and Joel Barfield had 23.36 pounds (including 1st big fish of
6.62) to win at Wateree.  David Quandt and Will Duncan came in second with
22.65.   Second big fish went to Jamie Blackburn and Johnathon Gowdy with 5.88.
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Our next stop will be at Bucksport on June 6.
Quandt and Duncan Win at Santee Cooper
David Quandt and Will Duncan had 23.90 pounds to win at Santee Cooper, just 
edging out Timmy and Jordan Thompkins with 23.66, who just got by Danny Allen
and Danny Cannon with 23.56.  First big fish went to Peter Horne and Darren Cooke
with 7.62 and second big fish went to Wayne Marlow and Randall Miller with 6.99.
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Our next stop will be on Lake Wateree out of Clearwater Cove on May 2.
Morris and Morris Win at Cooper River
Lee and Ronnie Morris won the season opening tournament on the Cooper River.
They had the only limit which weighed in at 11.52 pounds.  Just behind them with
11.44 pounds were Mac Cooper and Ron Terwilliger.  First big fish went to Sammy
Hilburn and Laddie Vaught with 6.64 and second big fish went to Alan Richardson
and Jason Cavenaugh with 5.92.
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The next stop will be on Santee Cooper out of Canal Lakes on March 28.
2015 LCITT Schedule Announced
Date  Place
 February 15, 2015  Rules Meeting  2 pm - Marshall's Marine, Lake City, SC  Lunch 12:30
 February 28, 2015  Cooper River - William H. Dennis Landing
 March 28, 2015  Santee Cooper - Canal Lakes Resort
 May 2, 2015  Lake Wateree - Clearwater Cove
 June 6, 2015 Waccamaw River - Bucksport Marina
 July 10 and 11, 2015 Championship - Waccamaw River - Bucksport Marina
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